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Become a Consultant

If you can answer "YES" to these questions, we'd love to have you on our team! 

#1) Are you a self-starter?  
#2) Do you want to help empower women through amazing wigs?
#3) Do you have the ability to place your own order's online?

If you are interested in becoming a consultant, please read the following information, which should answer any questions you might have.  The forms you need to fill out to become a consultant are at the bottom of this page.  If you need any further assistance, please email  We're "hair" to help!

When was the last time you woke up feeling excited to begin work or ended your day with a sense of fulfillment?

If you sincerely want to empower women personally and professionally throughout the world, Godiva's Secret Wigs is looking for fashionable and energetic people like you to join our growing team of wig consultants. Our award winning wigs and hair loss products create astonishing instant transformations for our clients. And, when you can purchase our amazing wigs at discounts of up to 50%, Godiva's Secret Wigs is a smart choice for creating more wealth in your life today!

Beautiful testimonials from our current consultants:  


"I was on a mission to find a company that was reputable and provided quality wigs. I searched YouTube and viewed every video produced by Godiva's! I was so impressed! I also visited their website & knew this was a company that sincerely cared about women and I resonated with the philosophy of empowering women. I felt extremely grateful for the opportunity to become a consultant here in Hawaii! It was by far one of the best decisions I've ever made! I'm grateful I took that leap of faith. The consultant kit and YouTube videos provided everything I needed to start my business! I feel extremely blessed having the opportunity to share JOY & to help women feel whole again! I've shared many "Happy Tears" moments with woman going through medical challenges & having a blast at wig parties!!! Being a consultant has been life changing in the most profound way!! To hear them say.."I look & feel beautiful again," is the greatest compliment I could ever receive.  I could never express my gratitude in words to everyone at GSW!  The emotional, psychological, spiritual & financial rewards exceeded all of my expectations!!! With the fondest of Aloha... Jolean Y."


drema-l.jpg"Before I became a Godiva’s Secret Wigs Consultant, I was a wig customer. As a customer, I was impressed with Godiva’s Secret Wigs customer service and patience. The company’s mission statement and philosophy resonated with my own beliefs. I watched all the videos and decided this is the path I wanted to follow. Rochelle and Danielle made selling wigs a positive and fun experience, regardless of the reason one needed or wanted a wig.  
I love selling Godiva’s Secret Wigs. They are high quality and look like “real hair”. The wigs pretty much sell themselves, so I don’t feel like it is “work”. The old adage, “if you enjoy what you do, you will never work a day in your life”, is true. Selling the wigs is not work…it is the most fun I’ve had in any “job”. The best part of the process is watching the transformation of the women who try them on! Regardless of the reason a person is buying a wig, the transformation is amazing…and the wig parties are a blast!  Probably the most satisfying part of the business is helping those with hair loss or medical challenges and seeing the difference a good wig, or even bangs and a scarf or turban, can make in how they feel about themselves.  Several years ago, I wanted a wig to take on vacation. I had a horrible experience and walked out without buying one. I vowed to make buying a wig a fun, positive experience. Drema L."


Why represent Godiva's Secret Wigs?
For over nineteen years, Godiva's Secret Wigs has been providing women with the newest, lightest and most realistic wash & wear wigs, in over 40 beautiful color blends. We don't carry thousands of wigs, just wigs that look real! When we combine our fantastic line of products with outstanding service and a genuine desire to help women, it's no wonder that our referral rate is over 90%. Whether clients purchase their wigs for travel, career, romance, convenience or medical challenges, we offer modern solutions that specifically address their personal needs. And, with retail prices starting at $149, our clients typically own 2 to 20 wigs!

Think about this:
For the cost of a color and cut at a hair salon,
the women in your community could own a beautiful
Godiva's Secret wig that will last for months and even years!
What woman doesn't want great looking hair, in minutes,
every day, for a fraction of the cost?

Here are even more benefits of being a Godiva's Secret Consultant:
> No territories - the world is your oyster!
> No sales quotas to meet. Set your goals and meet them on your own terms.
> No need to maintain lots of inventory - order as often as you like.
> Add wigs to your beauty business to complete your clients' stunning transformations.
> Clients typically own 2 to 20 wigs, which translates to repeat sales for you.
> Empower cancer patients with our award-winning wigs, hair pieces, turbans and more!

The Financial Rewards of Becoming a Godiva's Secret Wigs Consultant
1. If you sell one wig for $200, you can make up to $100! To become a Godiva's Secret Wigs Consultant, purchase an opening order of wigs, which is discounted at 50% below the retail price.  Although the minimum for this opening order is four wigs, most new consultant start out with 8-24 wigs. After this order, you can continue to save up to 50% off the retail prices on the wigs you order, just by ordering through the Consultant Area of our website!

* 50% off any wigs ordered through
* 40% off any wigs ordered by phone, fax or email.
* 30-50% off any miscellaneous items, including hair care, accessories, hair loss and mannequin heads.

We are always available to help you select the hottest styles and colors based on what's selling in our retail stores in Southern California.

2. We'll teach you how to earn extra income by washing your clients' wigs! This translates to an extra $20+ per wig for only 10 to 15 minutes of your spare time...

I love this opportunity! Where do I sign?
If you have questions about becoming a consultant or you're ready to join, simply email us with the phrase "I want to be a consultant!" in the subject line and we will answer any questions you have as well as send you a Consultant Application and the Consultant Terms to look over. If you're ready to become a consultant, simply fill out the forms below and email or fax them back to us. Once we get your forms, our Consultant Support Team will contact you and help you choose the perfect Customer Starter Package to get you going! Your application includes questions to help us know your clientele and community better; please fill it out completely.

What do I do while I'm waiting for you to contact me back?
First, review our selection of wigs on our website and on; just search "Godiva's Secret Wigs" channel to view over 100 videos.  Take notes on any styles and colors you love.  Next, decide approximately how many wigs you want to order for your first order. Remember, on this order, all wigs are 50% off! This opening order is a minimum of 4 wigs, but there is no maximum. Our consultant support team will contact you within 48 hours of receiving your forms to discuss the best style and color wig choices for you, based on your Consultant Application.


How do I pay?
Godiva's Secret accepts Visa, M/C, American Express and PayPal.


What comes in the All Inclusive Starter Kit?
At the time of your first purchase, you will be billed for the wigs you purchased as well as an additional $299 for your All Inclusive Starter Kit.

Your Godiva's Secret All Inclusive Starter Kit Includes:
*Miscellaneous Retail Price List
*Quantity Pricing Sheet
*Marketing Materials Price List
*Order Form
*In-Stock Wig Inventory Form
*Client Information & Purchases Form
*Money Collected Worksheet Form
*Consultant Policies
*20 Godiva's Secret Consultant Business Cards
*10 Godiva's Secret Consultant Brochures
*10 Godiva's Secret Tips Brochures
*1 Color Ring
*1 Keep It Clean Shampoo
*1 Keep It Sleek Conditioner
*1 Pack of Elastic Scrunchies
*1 Teasing Brush & 1 Wire Brush
*1 Wig Cap-Nylon & 1 Wig Cap-Mesh
*2 Metal Wig Clips
*20 Bobby Pins
*2 Claw Clips
*5 Godiva's Secret Client Bags

This kit provides everything you need to successfully start your Godiva's Secret Wigs business! Once you become a consultant, you will also receive our Training Manual by email and support and training whenever needed. We are always here for you!

Just to recap:
Basically you can become a Godiva's Secret Wigs Consultant for only $700! To become a Godiva's Secret Wig Consultant, you just fill out a Consultant Application, read and initial our Consultant Terms, purchase a $299 All Inclusive Starter Kit, and purchase 4 or more wigs at 50% off. (The average wig retails for $199.)

After this first purchase, you can order as many wigs as you want at a time, but when you order through the Consultant Area of our website, your wigs will always be 50% OFF!

* 50% off any wigs ordered through
* 40% off any wigs ordered by phone, fax or email.
* 30-50% off any miscellaneous items, including hair care, accessories, hair loss and mannequin heads.

When you are a consultant, you can make a profit of $80-$100 just by selling one wig! And the wigs sell themselves; all you have to do is wear them!

Thank you for allowing us to share Godiva's Secret Wigs dream. We look forward to you joining our team
and we look forward to helping you become a successful Godiva's Secret Wigs Consultant!

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