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How to Wash Your Godiva's Secret Wigs

Posted by Danielle Starkman, Godiva's Secret Wigs on

If you wear your wig every day, it will generally last 6-12 months; however, many clients have their wigs for many years!  The life of your wig really depends on how well you take care of it.

Use our tips and products below to keep your wig looking, feeling and smelling great!  

#1.  We suggest washing your wig or hair piece after 10-14 wearings.
Before washing, be sure to gently brush it out with your Wire Brush to remove any tangles.  

#2.  It's time to Shampoo your wig and remove all that dirt, oil and perspiration!
Pour one capful of Keep It Clean Shampoo into a sink filled with cold water. Immerse the wig or hair piece in the water and swish it around gently, as if washing delicate lingerie. After a minute, rinse well with cold water.  Our Shampoo is available in 8oz and 2oz bottles.

#3.  Now for the Conditioner! And yes, you do need conditioner! This is what prevents dryness and helps your wig last longer!
Squeeze one capful of Keep It Sleek Conditioner onto your hands and while wig is very wet, run your hands over and through it with the conditioner, especially focusing on the ends and underneath of the wig. Fill sink with enough cold water to cover the wig and put the wig in the sink. Gently turn the wig over in the water to distribute the conditioner. Rinse thoroughly in cold water.  Our Conditioner is available in 8oz and 2oz bottles.

#4.  Let's dry that wig! Without heat of course :)
After rinsing your wig, hold it upside down and shake it 3 times to get rid of excess water. Then hang it upside down from your Wig Hanger and let it drip-dry in your shower, bathtub or outside. The style will come right back!

*If you wash your wig at 6pm, it will be dry in the morning.  *Never brush your wig when it's wet!

#5.  Want to do a little styling?
Our Hot Air Brush is the only heat we recommend using on your Godiva's Secret wig. Once your wig or hair piece is completely dry, use this Hot Air Brush to roll the bangs under a bit, add extra fullness and do 

any other minor styling you want. This brush is also perfect for smoothing out any frizz that may occur at the ends or underneath area of your wig. If you are happy with your styling and want to set it, use our Keep It There Hair Spray.

Great products to use between washes.

The Headline It! Wig Liner is perfect to wear inside your wig between washes. It wicks the sweat away from your head, which keeps the inside of your wig much cooler!

Our Wig Lusterizer can be sprayed on human hair or synthetic hair to give it extra conditioning and make it feel softer. It also can extend the life of synthetic hair fibers and keep them feeling soft much longer. We recommend especially spraying it on the ends and underneath of your longer wigs, to extend the life of the fibers.

Our Wig Freshener can be sprayed on your wig or hair piece at any time to neutralize unpleasant odors. 

Happy Washing!

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