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You wear our wigs...You love our wigs...Now you can make money by sharing our wigs!!

Join our Affiliate Program and earn commission on every sale you refer to

Do you know women that want, or need, more hair? Have you ever worn a Godiva's Secret wig and been asked, "Where did you get that great haircut?" or "Who does your color?" Now you can make money by sending them to to purchase a wig of their own! 
Simply sign up to become a Godiva's Secret Wigs Affiliate and share your Personal Affiliate Link (PAL) with anyone and everyone and you can begin earning 10% of those sales immediately!
What is the Godiva's Secret Wigs Affiliate Program?
Our affiliate program allows you to make money by simply referring people to our website,  Think of how many people will be thanking you once they receive their new "hair." No more spending hours with a blow more worrying about their hair...instant self esteem boost!  
How does it work?
Once you sign up,  you will be given a personalized affiliate link (PAL). Share this link in your email messages, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other social media posts, website and anywhere else you can think of!  When a person clicks your PAL, it will take them to our website, where they will find a full assortment of modern, realistic wigs, hair pieces, hair loss products and much more!!  Your PAL allows us to track your sales and any purchases made from your link, will result in commissions for you. 
How much will I make?
As a Godiva's Secret Wigs Affiliate, you will earn 10% commission on any sales that come from your PAL.  Commissions do not include refunds, taxes or shipping costs. 
Think about this...Godiva's Secret Wigs average sale = $200
Your average commission per sale = $20
And all you have to do is direct them to our site using your PAL.

How and when do Affiliates get paid?
Affiliates are paid via PayPal.  Payouts are made at the end of each month for all commissions accumulated by the 15th of the previous month.    
*Tip- If you sign up using the same email you have your PayPal account under, your money will go straight into your account automatically.  Otherwise, once you are owed money, you will receive an email asking you to signup for a PayPal account (which is very simple) or to login if you already have one.
What is the referral period?
Godiva's Secret Wigs offers a 12 month referral period.  That means that once a person clicks on your PAL to get to our site, even if they don't purchase immediately, any purchases they make within the next 12 months will create commission for you! 
Does it cost anything to sign up?'s completely free!  All you have to do is share your PAL and collect your commissions!
How do I sign up?
Sign up to be a Godiva's Secret Wigs by using the link below.  We have partnered with LeadDyno to provide our affiliates with trusted third-party tracking, that will allow you to track your sales and commissions from purchases that you generate through your PAL.  
Sign up today and partner with a heart based business that is dedicated to providing high-quality products, and promoting fulfillment and self confidence all over the world. We hope you'll join us to help women everywhere look and feel fabulous!